Ghosts On the Loose (1943)

The Bowery Boys show up in another Lugosi movie. This one is not as memorable as the other movie. The guys go to a house in the country to prepare it for a friend of theirs who has just gotten married. While they are working on the house they encounter Lugosi who is in charge of a group of nazi saboteurs. This is the other movie in the series from Monogram that put Lugosi in a World War 2 situation. It’s kind of ironic that both of these were probably two of the weakest movies in that particular setlist. Some of the jokes from the guys are kind of funny and they decide to keep it low-key, which is smart because they never come across as annoying as the Ritz Brothers. It’s an O.K. comedy with barely any actual horror elements despite having Lugosi in it who by this time was in horror and pretty much nothing else.

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