Night Monster (1942)

Bela Lugosi makes another appearance in this movie, another dark house movie, this time much creepier than usual. Several murders occur in dramatic fashion before the spectacular murderer is revealed to be somebody who during most of the movie most of the characters don’t think could have done it. There are a good number of twists and turns during the movie with plenty of characters to choose as the possible murderer, but the end of this movie just might surprise you. It’s not just who did it, but also how that can take some people by surprise.

Not only is there a good mystery, but there is also the usual atmosphere, better than usual, with a really gothic house to work with and some great outside shots along a road in the fog and near a pond. Lionel Atwill also appears around the same time he had a scandal for some serious debauchery and had just been reduced from major roles to supporting roles in B movies. Unlike some actors who had gotten themselves into trouble when it came to Atwill the studios preferred just to let him sink and it was only several years later that we would be seeing the last of him.

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