Black Dragons (1942)

Now that this blog has reached the very heart of the World War 2 years for movies, there will be a lot of repetition with a couple of different movie series that came out with a lot of things during this time. The first was Sherlock Holmes, the A movies, the second, which we will be getting to soon was the Inner Sanctum series, the B movies, and last and least the Monogram movies where Lugosi had ended up, the less than B movies or poverty row movies.

We’ve reached probably the lowest point Lugosi would be with Monogram with this pretty awful attempt at a World War 2 thriller which was about as far outside the realm of Monogram as a science fiction movie would be for Ed Wood later on. It’s a serious chore to get through this one and thank God it’s only a little more than an hour long or it would be almost impossible to get through, even for a Lugosi fan. During the next several movies in the series both Monogram and Lugosi would be thank God making what they were comfortable with again, cheap horror/thriller movies.

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