Bowery at Midnight (1942)

I guess you could say this was a bargain basement sort of movie.

Bela Lugosi has another one of his Monogram movies with Bowery at Midnight. I was going to do Corpse Vanishes next, but the DVD for that one stopped working halfway through so I will be getting to it later. This is an interesting movie for Lugosi. He plays a gangster, sort of like Cagney, only on a lower level. His base of operations is in a basement, which I think is pretty atmospheric and it sets the tone for this low brow movie that literally takes place in a poor area. One of the characters in the movie buys themselves a suit just so they can look like all the other poor people. This all leads to the movie being very gritty. We get some good action and Tom Neil who played a minor character you might have missed in one of the Thin Man movies I have already reviewed makes an appearance as a gangster, which is right up his alley. Snare drum…

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