Sherlock Holmes and Voice of Terror (1942)

We get our next movie in the Sherlock Holmes series, the first in a couple of years. What had started out back during the late 1930s as a classic detective series had been brought to the present day in probably one of the most interesting decisions Hollywood had ever made. Holmes would be the original Indiana Jones and fight against the nazis during World War 2 in three different movies in the series. This first one was pretty damn dramatic, too.

The voice of terror mentioned in the title was a radio announcer working for the nazis who announced the acts of sabotage/terrorism done by nazi spies. In other words, it was another spy thriller similar to Saboteur or maybe Murder In New York. Holmes must find out who the voice of terror is in order to stop the voice from spreading terror through out the entire country of England when sabotage is done.

This movie moves along at almost too fast a speed and comes across as almost a little too loud for its own good. Some of the details are not particularly good either such as reusing footage from Invisible Man for a train crash, which makes no sense when it appears nobody is actually changing the controls. That being said this movie goes straight for the gold and might not make it there but tries pretty damn hard to do so anyway and comes close.

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