Saboteur (1942)

1942 was an interesting year for a couple of different reasons with movies. Disney had quite possibly their best animated movie, the best Christmas movie came out and now Alfred Hitchcock had my favorite movie of his come out. The reason I like this movie more than any other Hitchcock movie is because it is more upbeat and patriotic.

While most of his movies were entertaining they always had a slight bit of sarcasm and elitism involved, which usually turned me off from them. This time, though, along with pretty much the rest of the country, Hitchcock puts his heart and soul on the line to give us a movie that not only entertains us but serves as another rallying moment for the country.

This exciting thriller that deals with a popular topic at the time, foreign espionage/sabotage in the country, something that might not have been as important as the actual war but was certainly more relatable for some of the people that had been left at home, finishes up with an exciting finale on top of one of the country’s most popular national monuments and greatly beats out the other really memorable monument moment in a Hitchcock movie in my opinion.

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