Spooks Run Wild (1941)

This is a goofy movie. Bela Lugosi makes another appearance in this movie with another comedy group, only this time instead of the Ritz Brothers, it is the Bowery Boys. They have pretty much the same sense of humor, only maybe a little more street smart and little less in your face. Other wise it is pretty much the same. This movie is kind of like the Gorilla because it is yet another dark house movie. However, this time the movie doesn’t move at quite the same pace that Gorilla did.

Instead this movie goes along at a leisurely pace and that might be the secret to its success. Instead of throwing a bunch of random cliches at the audience to keep people interested, it relies a lot more on the personalities and schtick of its actors and that’s not a bad idea either since watching them explore a random house is actually moderately entertaining. Most of the jokes don’t work very well and some of it is pretty damn racist with the black guy in the group taking some off color jokes but for the most part the jovial nature of everybody involved carries it through.

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