Horror Island (1941)

“Leave the castle”, says the Phantom.

This was an O.K. movie. It’s kind of interesting because there are no really noteworthy horror/thriller actors in this movie aside from Dick Foran who was in one of the Mummy movies and Iris Adrian who was in Lady of Burlesque with Barbara Stanwyck, but everybody in this movie does a decent job of portraying their characters. It’s actually a pretty enjoyable movie because it moves along at a leisurely pace while the actors in the movie and the charisma between them always keep this movie interesting.

In other words I think it was directed pretty well and that is no surprise since the same director who made this movie made a couple of other pretty good movies such as Man Made Monster. Once again we have a castle on an island, which is something we already had in Ghostbreakers and this might have been a rip off of the more popular movie. That being said, I might like this more. While Foran pales in comparison to Bob Hope, the two main actors and the chemistry between them is all incredibly likable. This movie was made by bourgeois people for a bourgeois audience, but if you can get past that this is a pretty enjoyable movie.

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