Invisible Ghost (1941)

I decided to take a bit of a day off from blogging to do other things, getting some more movies from the library, getting a little buzzed off of a drink I got from a local gas station, etc. This will be a simple review. It is the first of the Monogram movies with Bela Lugosi. It’s also another dark house movie and if you’ve been following my blog so far you’ve probably gotten the impression from me by this time that these movies despite being enjoyable all aside from a couple of exceptions seem to blend together pretty well. Lugosi wanders around his house in his bath robe when he blacks out from seeing his dead wife or who he thinks is his dead wife at the window in the rain and occasionally disrobes before killing a couple of people either in their beds or while they are raiding their refrigerator. What else could I possibly say about this? Believe it or not, it’s one of the better Monogram movies, which just goes to show you what you are in for with the other eight. It’s moderately entertaining but we’ll probably be getting to better movies tomorrow or so I hope.

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