Man Made Monster (1941)

He’s Dynamo Dan, America’s favorite living light bulb.

Lon Chaney Jr. has his first movie with this blog about a guy who is turned into some kind of electrical being in a laboratory by a diabolical scientist played by Lionel Atwill. Most of this movie is just plot development and not much happens until the last ten minutes of the movie. That being said it all leads to a pretty good climax.

Lon Chaney charged with electricity kills a couple of people including police officers after they attempt to execute him for the murder of one of the scientists and has his revenge against Atwill for turning him into a beast while he also takes the woman of the movie with him. They are chased by police and Chaney meets the end of his creature when he gets tangled up in a wire fence.

There is some pretty good action at the end of this movie. Most importantly of all, this was the first horror movie for Lon Chaney Jr. who would replace both Lugosi and Karloff as the icon for horror movies during the 1940s. He would follow this up with the Wolfman movies and the Inner Sanctum horror/mystery series.

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