Bambi (1942)

Bambi is a great movie from the Disney company and my favorite movie from Disney. It is one of the classic five movies from Disney along with a couple other early Disney movies. Some people say that Fantasia was good because of its visuals and that is true, but I think the best looking one of the bunch was Bambi. It’s just so incredibly natural. It really has you from the opening shot to the very end of it, and it’s not just the visuals that make it good either. It’s everything else, too.

The story is a simple one about the life of a deer that grows up and becomes king of the forest but you really get to appreciate the character and want to see Bambi do well. He/it goes through all kinds of situations such as making friends with a rabbit and skunk, escaping death a couple of times while dealing with a hunter we never actually see, not showing the hunter was an interesting idea. I guess Disney just wanted us to imagine what they would look like. They are simply described by name as “man” and that is their entire personification right there.

We also have the typical growing up stuff such as having a mate and fighting to keep them. It’s all pretty good and relatable to most people. It’s the down to earth approach that makes Bambi so great. While other Disney movies such as Fantasia impressed us with their fantasy visuals, Bambi gives us a decent story we can follow along with and brings us right down to earth.

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