Mark of Zorro (1940)

Mark of Zorro is probably the first really good action movie we have gotten to so far during this blog. I don’t really know the actor who played Zorro in this movie that well but he does a great job of playing the Zorro character and comes across as a slightly different, maybe edgier Errol Flynn. This movie corrects a couple of the mistakes Robin Hood made with Flynn. For one thing it is a lot grittier and less corny. For another thing they wisely decided to film it in black and white which gave it a depth that the color version might not have had.

There is one really good scene in this movie that I would like to mention. The sword fight between Basil Rathbone playing one of the two main villains and Zorro is excellent, quite possibly the best sword fight I have ever seen in a movie. Rathbone was actually outside of movies an excellent fencer and Zorro was not too bad either. What’s more, we get Gale Sondegard again as a femme fatale in this movie who is infatuated with Zorro and wants him for herself setting up a pretty interesting love triangle. This is a very different kind of role for Sondegard who with all due respect, I really do love her, spent most of her movies baying at the moon. This is just all around a wonderful movie and I definitely recommend checking this one out.

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