Big Store (1941)

The Marx Brothers have one of their last movies in a store. The Marxes were always about sticking with the small guy who gets kicked around a lot so having one of their movies in a retail store made a lot of sense. This gives them some good material to work with. Instead of making a lot of jokes at the store’s expense, they go the other direction with this one by having a great musical number called Sing While You Sell, which almost makes the work look tolerable and enjoyable.

They also have a great finale with Douglas Dumbrille, always a good actor to play a villain, chasing them all over the store on roller skates and a bike. This was a good way for them to finish things up and while they would make a couple more movies later when Chico got himself into some trouble with some gambling debts, this was the final movie of their classic career with Margaret Dumont as their long time comedy partner. In fitting fashion, they are pulled behind a tow truck into the night.

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