Snow White and Seven Dwarves (1937)

This was a classic movie and it was the first Disney movie to ever be made and released in theaters. They had some Mickey Mouse shorts before this but it had never been at this level before and some people considered Disney to be making a mistake known as “Disney’s Folley”. All of the people who had doubted him were proven wrong and everybody must have been blown away because this movie still has an emotional impact today. I can only imagine how people felt when they first saw this in theaters. Audiences who had fainted over Dracula drinking people’s blood several years ago must have lost their shit over the witch, who is as far as I am concerned still one of the creepiest villains ever in a movie. Everything else about the movie is good, too, such as the highly entertaining seven dwarves and Snow White is an under dog who is positively charming. Good characters and a good story make this not just the first ever animated movie but also one of the most watchable movies ever.

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