Day at the Races (1937)

This is probably my favorite Marx Brothers movie. There are a couple other ones I like a lot, too, but each time I see this one again I am reminded of why I like it so much in the first place. For one thing, the plot, which is something that some of the Marx movies failed pretty badly at, particularly the early ones, which I really can’t follow at all, is probably the best one a Marx Brothers movie ever had. It is so good as a matter of fact that it is one of the few Marx Brothers movies that still would have been a great movie even without the Marx Brothers in it. I love the idea of the horse race being a true American as I am of course. However, it’s not just horses that make this movie good. They’re at the top of their game with the comedy, too. The dinner scene between Groucho and the femme fatale, which is disrupted by Chico and Harpo is some great humor in the series and we have a great punch line or is that a slap line with Harpo using some wall paper to plaster the woman’s ass. She could use some discipline… Harpo style.

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