Room Service (1938)

Room Service is probably one of the more boring Marx Brothers movies. It looks like an episode of Barney Miller because it all takes place in pretty much one hotel room, but this is the Marx Brothers and their outrageous antics should be allowed to have more room to move around in. When the best slapstick thing Harpo does during a movie is hit somebody over the head with a bat, you might have a problem with your Marx movie. You really could have had any second rate comedian in this movie instead such as maybe the Ritz Brothers and you would have had the same thing or maybe something better since the Ritzs were at least able to over do things and might have made the movie more in your face. As it is, this movie just sort of sits there and I don’t think there has been a movie this average from the Marxes since Horse Feathers several movies ago now.

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