Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939)

Cats seem to be in these movies a lot.

Charlie Chan takes on a famous psychic in this atmospheric mystery movie. This I think was the first movie to have Sidney Toler as the new Charlie Chan and number two son, Jimmy. We’ll skip over how Charlie calls his son number two through out the movie. Anyway the movie is atmospheric. We get a couple of good scenes at a house that has a psychic room in it with a bunch of stuff that flies around and a good finale at a theater when a rival of Dr. Zodiac’s challenges him to a psychic contest. How ever there may be more to this guy on treasure island than meets the eye. The cast is loaded with good actors such as the guy from Room Service, the main character from Scared to Death and Douglas Dumbrille with another one of his trademark impeccable performances, this time as a luckless investigator.

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