Man Who Knew too Much (1934)

The original Bonnie and Clyde.

This might be the best movie Alfred Hitchcock ever made, although I must admit that the main reason I like this one so much is just all of the action at the end of it. This has a great final action scene and it might be the best action scene to come out of the 1930s. During a time when most action movies were either a cowboy riding a horse around for an hour or a forgettable gangster movie usually starring James Cagney, this movie offers a decent story along with the action. There was a remake of this one, but I think the original is far superior. I’ll definitely take 1930s thriller over 1950s thriller. 1930s movies seemed to have a lot more integrity to them. Anyway the gun fight at the end is great and supposedly based off of an actual event that had happened a couple of years before this movie was made. We also get the classic scene when a woman screams to prevent an assassination during a concert.

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