Ghost breakers (1940)

Other castles would follow but this was the best one.

Ghost breakers is a wonderful movie. To this day I think it is probably one of the best dark house movies I have ever seen and this was a movie I have appreciated and watched many times ever since I was a young child and first saw it with my mom. My parents like Bob Hope a lot and they found out that from an early age I had interest in creepy movies so they had me watch this and it was a good idea on their part.

Ghostbreakers starts off pretty good with Bob Hope taking on gangsters, which is pretty funny, but then they take a boat trip to Cuba and end up at a castle on an island. This castle was great. It’s probably one of the best places I have ever seen in a movie because of how atmospheric it is. Pretty much anything you would expect from a creepy castle this has such as a swarm of bats when they first arrive, a really campy zombie that they proceed to shove in a closet of all things and even a ghost that can go through things.

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