Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939)

The second in the highly exciting Sherlock Holmes series, Rathbone and Bruce go up against Prof. Moriarity when Moriarity attempts to steal the crown jewels of England. In some ways this movie is better than the other Holmes movie to come out the same year. For one thing, Holmes is center of the action this time unlike last time when he was sort of on the sideline for a large part of the movie and Holmes is the guy people want to see when they watch one of his movies, not some other random and his assistant. For another thing, if at all possible the action moves at an even better pace in this movie than the previous one and seeing Holmes go up against the professor is a real kick. That being said the tone is somewhat off. What should be thrilling the entire way through with everything it has to offer drags at certain parts with the bizarre melancholy that they insist on having with funeral dirges being played on flutes and albatrosses being used as death symbols. That being said, over all this is a solid movie and another good way to enter the early 1940s.

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