Hound of the Baskervilles (1939)

We really start to get some movies with good action in them with this one, the first of fourteen movies in the Rathbone and Bruce series. It’s easy to see why there would be so many sequels to this movie, too. This is probably along with a few other series one of the most versatile and exciting movie series to ever be made.

It didn’t necessarily start off great, though. Despite having some good action and a great plot, this movie has some serious issues, the most notable of which is that Holmes is gone from half of this movie and instead we have to watch Watson and the actual main character, Henry Baskerville, while Holmes is gone. Neither of them is nearly as effective or charismatic. I don’t know who the actor is that played Baskerville. He isn’t bad, but could have been played by just about any generic romantic leading man actor during this time.

That being said, this movie starts to really take things places not just with the series but also with quite possibly the best era ever for movies to this very day, the early 1940s or as some people like to call them the war years when moderately entertaining thriller/ horror movies that just about anybody could enjoy and be entertained by were turned out like an assembly line. Movies have not been that good or prolific since then.

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