Mummy series vs Invisible Man series

I was right about which one of these two movie series I would like more. Mummy series aside from at least one serious mistep was definitely the better movie series. While Invisible Man made an attempt to change things up, I think the ones that were different were the weakest ones in the series. Invisible Agent had some memorable moments, but Invisible Woman was terrible. Mummy’s Tomb was also pretty bad, but it was made up for by having a sequel that was actually better than the original in the series, Mummy’s Hand, and a couple other movies in the series that even if they weren’t good were certainly more enjoyable than the invisible man movies. Final rankings.

Mummy movies: 5. Mummy’s Tomb 1.5/5 4. Mummy’s Curse 2/5 3. Mummy’s Ghost 3/5 2. Mummy 4.5/5 1. Mummy’s Hand 5/5 16

Invisible Man movies: 5. Invisible Woman 1.5/5 4. Invisible Agent 2/5 3. Invisible Man’s Revenge 3.5/5 2. Invisible Man Returns 4/5 1. Invisible Man 5/5 16

I’d say it was pretty close, but edge goes to Mummy.

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