Invisible Agent (1942)

Invisible Agent is about an invisible person who actually does something good for a change of pace. They infiltrate the country of Germany to spy on the opposing side and find out what they are up to with regards to spies in the United States and a plan they have coming soon. Along the way the invisible agent meets a woman played by Ilona Massey, who probably had her best role I have ever seen her in, and the two of them tangle with both Germans and a group of Japanese guys led by Peter Lorre. They manage to evade both groups and escape back to England with the list of names for enemy spies.

This was an enjoyable movie to see and definitely one of the better movies in the series. The patriotic creature fighting the enemy of World War 2 proved that even the sensational creature features wanted to have their input somehow on the war. This movie not only works as one of the horror movies but offers much more than the usual one does and for that it gets top marks from me because I have always been more about the message than the execution anyway and I appreciate their earnest approach and sincerity.

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