Zulu (1964)

Zulu was an action movie about a single battle between a small group of British soldiers and a large army of black guys from Africa. During the battle it seems that the small group is totally outnumbered and will be killed off similar to the previous group the Zulus had fought but with some quite honestly amazing leadership from an engineer who had no battle experience, without telling anybody until later of course, but an excellent concept of putting mechanical skills into military strategy bordering on genius, the small group manages to hold their own until the very end when something amazing happens and the Zulus actually allow them to live as fellow warriors.

At least a dozen of the one hundred or so soldiers at this small post are given awards for what they did during this battle, which is mentioned at the end. Also, apparently, there really was a character named Hook at the event who also receives an award for having an epiphany and turning his life around just in time to be of some serious help. Patrick Magee, the only actor in this movie that I recognize, plays very well yet another role as a doctor, this time actually taking care of people instead of just solving murder mysteries and shooting axe murderers to death, see Dementia 13 for example.

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