Return of the Ape Man (1944)

Bela Lugosi has his last Monogram movie with this movie about a caveman he finds in the Arctic with some help from his assistant played by John Carradine. They have the caveman brought back to life and Lugosi plans to give the guy part of the brain of a human. Not having any other available options he decides to kill his assistant who is pretty sympathetic of a character for Carradine and uses his mind for the experiment. It works but not that well. Pretty soon the caveman has killed somebody and escaped. Lugosi plays an interesting character in this movie with his own arch. He starts out crazy but becomes good at the end and helps to bring down the renegade cave man or should I say ape man. Despite having a title that would make this seem like it was a sequel to Ape Man, another schlocky movie with Lugosi, this movie has very little to do with that previous movie.

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