Frankenstein (1931)

Some of the shots in this movie would probably rock the world of Mike Score from FoS.

After several mediocre movies in a row, yesterday was a slugfest, we get back to something kind of good again with the first movie in the Frankenstein series. For some reason I’ve always felt that this movie was best viewed at this time of the year instead of Halloween, which is usually Dracula and House On Haunted Hill for me. Maybe it’s because of the interesting gothic science fiction concept that makes me think of this as being very psychedelic. Anyway this movie has some pretty good action and a decent story since it was based off of the popular Mary Shelley book of the same name. One thing to take note of is that the monster does not have a name and Frankenstein is actually the name of the scientist but most people probably already knew that anyway. I like the ending with the burning windmill. Quite the brutal end for the monster or is it? He’ll be coming back in sequels and end up about as invincible as some of our favorite slashers.

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One thought on “Frankenstein (1931)

  1. This was a nice detour for my blog. I wasn’t intending on doing these originally but somebody mentioned they liked the bride movie on Rich Koz’s show last Saturday night and I thought it would be good to write about these, too.


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