The Gorilla (1939)

Bela Lugosi demonstrates the mantra of Strike Fast Strike Hard against the Ritz Brothers…

This is not a good movie. Actually, it is pretty dumb but every movie I am blogging about I have seen at least once and appreciated. There are some things to like about this movie. For one thing it is probably the earliest of the Lugosi mystery comedy movies to take place in an old dark house. It’s clear they hadn’t worked everything out yet, but this laid the groundwork for later movies such as the 1941 version of Black Cat and One Body too Many.

The Ritz Brothers, an alternative, in this case a crappy one, to the Marx Brothers are also in this and give us a lot of dumb jokes, the majority of which don’t work at all. Lionel Atwill makes another appearance and is reliable and dapper as usual. There is a maid who is pretty good, too, and the guy with the gorilla suit comes back again. Most importantly of all, Lugosi demonstrates a martial arts move, which isn’t too surprising when you realize he was injured as a soldier in the Carpathian Mountains and totally could have done this.

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